07 12 / 2011

Opportunities to be on CTN (Cambodia Television Network)


Do you want to get involved in “Loy9”?

From 15th January 2012 onward, BBC Media Action is launching a multimedia campaign called Loy9 which aims at increasing youth access to information about civic life and opportunities for participation. Young people can get involved in Loy9 through phone-in radio, TV magazine and drama shows, online, print, and even live games.


How can you engage in “Loy9”?

Loy9 will start on 15th January 2012 and you have opportunity to participate in at least two television segments:


Youth’s Creativity

Youth’s Creativity is a segment in the TV magazine show which highlights the best practice and model of youths who have good and positive initiatives to contribute, by any means, to the development of their communities.

 For example:

  • Have you ever mobilized youth in your village to help clean up your community?

  • Have you ever created a new software application that you think is important and useful for other computer users?

If you have any ideas or great initiatives and would like to participate, please come forward and contact our Loy9 team. You will have the opportunity to be selected and broadcast your story on Cambodia Television Network (CTN) in early 2012 and featured on our website. 

If you and your friends are interested in showing your work on TV or know anyone who have any creativity or special talents, please do not hesitate to send it to us NOW or contact the Loy9 team at 095 777 068.


Youth’s Achievement

Youth’s Achievement is a TV segment that provides opportunities for young people to send their story via video, songs (audio), poem, pictures and texts or essays to be featured in Loy9. 


Selection Process:

  1. Send any ideas, creativity, initiatives or achievements to the Loy9 team via the contact below.

  2. The committee will then select appropriate stories for broadcast.

  3. Successful candidates will be informed.


Contact the BBC Media Action’s “Loy9 Team” NOW:

Mobile: 095 777 068

E-mail: tha.piseth[at]kh.bbcmediaaction.org

BBC Media Action

Address #58, Street 306, Beng Keng Kang I, Phnom Penh

Check our Facebook page for more information about Loy9:  www.facebook.com/loy9kh

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